The Department of r & d of Bigas Alsina, S.A. has developed, together with the Universidad of Vic a new technology for the use of the pig hair, getting one of the more valuable by-products.

"This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement nº 738874"

The challenge was to revalue the hair of pork. And the way we came up to do it was to try to turn it into a fuel that could be used in a steam generator. In this way this same fuel would participate in the manufacture of more fuel.

The tests were carried out on the pilot plant that BIGAS ALSINA, S.A. has in the facilities in Girona. There, for months, different tests were done in order to find out what could be the process that would allow us to get the highest calorific power. The University of Vic, and the INnovacc association (Catalan Association for the Innovation of the pig meat sector) who, through its management and some of its members, such as the PATEL SAU slaughterhouse, participated actively in the project, providing the tools and resources to be able to do the tests.

Finally, after eight months of work, we achieved what we have been so arduously looking for. We found the way to turn hair into a high calorific fuel, and most importantly: to process it, we needed only a small part of the energy that we obtained, which allowed us to make a great energy contribution to the industry at zero cost.

Next, and in order to be able to implement to the industry what satisfactorily we had achieved in the laboratory, we presented the project to the European program for innovation and investigation Horizon 2020 from the European Union and we received the necessary financing to carry it out. Thanks to this financing and the invaluable collaboration of MATADERO FRIGORÍFICO AVINYÓ, S.A. which ceded its facilities to install this technology, the project was brought to reality.