Storage for raw material and finished product.

Our engineering department has been designing since Bigas Alsina, S.A. was founded, many designs of storage hoppers for all types of raw material. Except in a few occasions, most of the time, due to the different specifications of the customers, the configuration of the plant, the shape of the building, the groundwater levels, etc., the designs of the storage hoppers have been different from each other.

It does not matter how your installation is.

Types of hoppers:

    1.  Hoppers for raw material for low capacities.
    2. Hoppers for raw material for high capacities.
    3.  Feather hoppers.
    4.  Bins for feeding.
    5.  Meal and hoppers.
    6.  Silos for fats. Hoppers for hair.
    7.  Hoppers for bones.